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Kandi is innovating a solution to an issue that far larger than anyone has imagined. In this presentation, we cover what Kandi does, the importance of EV in China, comparison with Tesla & analysis of the financial statements to make a stock price target.

Note: Our website has been freshly updated. Yahoo's Current Stock Price At Publishing: $35.02 /share Investary Group's Current Price Target is: $45 /share Disclosure: We are have a LONG position in YAHOO (YHOO) at the time of publishing this video analysis.

With a huge year at Tesla Motors, we recap what has happened to Tesla the past year, look at the growth prospective, digest new information and analyze if Tesla is worth investing in today.

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BlackBerry is our last stock pick/analysis for 2013. This video is long however I try to emphasize the most important facts that investors should know. We wanted to get this video out before the end of the year and therefore was rushed a bit.
This is part one of the two part series where we breakdown the recent price action in Apple (AAPL), Wall Street consensus, the recent earnings and if this is a reliable long term investment. Part 2 of Apple Analysis: There are many things that just can not be fit in with such little time.

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